All about Organic, Hybrid & Non GMO

All about Organic, Hybrid & Non GMO

Important and helpful information:

Organic Seeds – the seeds that are from plants grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, 
 or other artificial chemicals. However, organic pesticides can be still used. Organic seeds can be heirloom, 
 hybrids and open pollinated seeds.

Heirloom Seeds – the seeds that are from plants, which have grown for generations. They contain specific 
 desirable traits, which have made them to survive. The seeds will be true to the parent plant and will continue 
 so in further generations.

Hybrid Seeds – these seeds are gotten by cross-pollinating two different, but related plants to develop a new
 variety that has the best or most desirable features of the both parent plants. Farmers and gardeners have been
 cultivating new plant varieties for thousands of years through selective breeding. They did this by cross pollinating
 two different but related plants for over more than few plant generations, eventually creating new plant variety.
 Nowadays the hybrid seeds are just as natural as their historic counterparts, though take only one generation for
 the seeds to have desired traits. The only disadvantage that hybrid seeds have – the may or may not contain the
 same desired traits for second and further generations.

Treated Seeds – the seeds that have been chemically treated in some way – fungicides or pesticides. Such seeds
 usually are coated with highly toxic materials and are poisonous to be inhaled or have direct contact on skin. They
 prevent crops from fungal diseases and parasites. (Read more here in our Blog).

GMO Seeds – seeds that are created in a lab using high-tech and sophisticated techniques like gene-splicing. These
 are seeds have had their genetic make-up altered by replacing certain genes with genes from a totally different species,
 with the hope that the resulting plants will now have certain ‘desirable’ characteristics. GMO seeds seldom cross different,
 but related plants. Often the cross goes far beyond the bounds of nature so that instead of crossing two different, but related
 varieties of plant, they are crossing different biological kingdoms — like a bacteria with a plant. These products have undergone
 only short-term testing to determine their effects on humans and the environment.


Our Promise/guarantee

 We only carry seeds that we will plant ourselves.


Our seeds include organic, heirloom and hybrid varieties.

 100% Non GMO,

 100% Natural & Fresh,

 Free From Harsh Chemicals & Any Other Destructive unnatural Compounds.
 Processed with the highest quality & care. Germination and Quality Tested.